Are Folding bikes Here To Stay?

Welcome to this website which is devoted exclusively to folding bikes.

Folded bike

The compact nature of these bikes when folded, provides a major advantage over traditional bikes. When folded up they can easily be stored in the trunk of a car or in a cupboard.

My name is Richard Andrews. I have been a biking enthusiast now for just on 30 years and as well as cycling to the office almost every day I have toured through many countries on bicycles of various kinds. It was 3 years ago that I invested in a folding bicycle so I thought that a good place to start would be with an overview of the many benefits of owning such a bike.

It’s a fact that more and more people are commuting to work by bike often because of the traffic congestion that we are all experiencing even in our smaller cities.

Many people are taking up bicycle riding as a hobby and a form of exercise. There are many different types and brands of bicycles on the market.

One type with perhaps the most benefits is the foldable bicycle. In my experience many avid cyclists out there who don’t own a foldable bike have discounted them because they consider them to be gimmicky or they have not really thought about the many benefits that they have over a traditional bike.


A major reason why many people who work in the city don’t commute to work on a bike is because there is a great risk of it being stolen.

Some office buildings have bike racks, however most don’t. It only takes a pair of bolt cutters for a thief to walk off with a bike. If a person works in a building without a bike rack, or they simply don’t trust the security of their bike on one what do they do?

It’s not very convenient to roll a standard bike into the building and onto an elevator. Once they get to their office, they will likely have no place to put the bike anyhow.

A folding bike would make it possible to commute by bike without any worries of theft. When the bike is folded up, it can be easily carried in one hand, and it can be placed in the corner of the office, where it won’t take up much room at all.

“The Cool Factor”

Riding a folding bike will actually make the rider look cool, according to several of my cyclist friends.

Most of the cycles have almost a space-age design. A person can even “look cool” riding a fold up bike in a business suit. When the rider gets to work, and all of the other bikers are pulling out their heavy chains and bike locks, looking for an open spot, the person riding the folding bike will need about 20 seconds to fold up their bike and head right into their building with it.

“Quick Take Off”

Most avid bikers in their spandex and their expensive bikes look at someone about to ride a folding bike with amusement.

They think that the rider would never be able to catch up to them once they start riding. This is actually not the case. Because these bikes have relatively small wheels, it takes less effort to take off and get going at pace. Anyone riding these bikes will certainly never feel inferior to their big wheeled riding counterparts.

“They’re Incredibly Practical”

One of the biggest benefits of riding a bike that folds up is that it is extremely convenient.

If it starts to rain, all you need to do is fold it up and jump on the subway, catch a bus, or hail a taxi. This is also a great alternative for anyone who wants to commute to work by bicycle but is perhaps too tired, after a hard day at the office, to ride home.
These things can be very difficult or downright impracticable for someone riding a regular bike.

“Space Savers”

For many people, big city living means small apartment living.

When they are short on space, keeping a traditional bike in the apartment can make things more cramped than they already are. Bikes that fold up don’t take up much space at all, making them the perfect mode of transport for crowded living.

These bikes are also easier to put in a car if the rider wants to ride on a track or a bike path. Unlike traditional bikes, the rider won’t need an SUV or a bike rack on their vehicle to get the bike to the place where they are planning to ride.

I’m sure that there are other benefits and advantages that I haven’t mentioned above. However, I’m planning to include many more articles on the subject of foldable bikes together with recommendations on the best buys and the various types such as electric bikes (also known as ebikes), trail and mountain bikes, tandem bikes and so on.

The following brief video demonstrates just how simple it is to assemble a folding bike.

I hope you will enjoy my offerings and opinions. I’m really sold on folding bicycles after around a quarter of a century riding a variety of traditional types. I’m totally convinced that they’re here to stay as they’re definitely the best option when it comes to commuting, convenience and the promotion of fitness and health.